Breakbulk services to Gio Tauro from the UK & Europe

DKTAllseasas liner agents for SCI (The Shipping Corporation of India) provides breakbulk service to Gio Tauro from the UK & Europe.

With our dedicated breakbulk team providing expertise and experience in oversized cargo. We appreciate this type of load is unique and requires extra special care and handling. If your breakbulk cargo is ready to get your underway, contact DKTAllseas today at 01375 213102and speak with one of our breakbulk specialists.
We’ll be happy to provide you with a price quote and schedule the project.

Gioia Tauro Port in focus

Gioia Tauro

Located in the heart of the Mediterranean, a meeting point between the East-West sea routes and the first trans-European corridor Helsinki - Valletta, Gioia Tauro is the largest terminal for transhipment present in Italy and one of the most important traffic hub containers in the Mediterranean basin, 9th in Europe and the 6th Mediterranean.

The port benefits from the natural depth of its water (up to 18 meters) and offers one of the longest linear quays available in the Mediterranean (3.4 kilometers). These characteristics, together with the availability of dedicated equipment, 22 Ship-to-shore cranes, reaching up to 23 rows of containers & specialised port crews.