New Transpacific Service via our China Xpress Line

We’re pleased to announce a new Transpacific Service via our China Xpress Line.

This service, beginning in August, will offer direct callings from Shenzhen and Shanghai ports to Tacoma and Vancouver and offer excellent shipping rates.

Sailing Schedules:

BBC Citrine – ETS Shenzhen (Da Chang Bay) 22/08
ETA Everett (Tacoma) 06/09

Changhsa – ETS Shenzhen 12/09 ETS Qingdao
ETA Everett/Seattle 27/09 ETA Vancouver 01/10

BBC America – ETS Shanghai (Taicang) 15/10
ETA Everett (Tacoma) 28/10

Mt Cameron – ETS Shanghai (Taicang) 20/10
ETA Everett (Tacoma) 04/11 ETA Vancouver 08/11

Changsha – ETS Shanghai (Taicang) 20/11
ETA Everett (Tacoma) 03/12 ETA Vancouver 07/12

BBC America – ETS Shanghai (Taicang) 25/11
ETA Everett (Tacoma) 13/12

For booking enquiries for further details on this service, call us now on: +44 (0)1375 213 102
or request a quote here.