Breakbulk services from Felixstowe to Europe

DKTAllseasas liner agents for SCI (The Shipping Corporation of India) provides breakbulk service from Felixstowe to Europe.

With our dedicated breakbulk team providing expertise and experience in oversized cargo. We appreciate this type of load is unique and requires extra special care and handling. If your breakbulk cargo is ready to get your underway, contact DKTAllseas today at 01375 213102and speak with one of our breakbulk specialists.
We’ll be happy to provide you with a price quote and schedule the project.

Felixstowe Port in focus

Port of Felixstowe

The Port of Felixstowe is Britain’s biggest and busiest container port, and one of the largest in Europe.

The port handles more than 4million TEUs representing 42% of Britain's FCL market. Felixstowe welcomes approximately 3,000 ships each year, including the largest triple-E container vessels. Felixstowe provides some of the deepest water close to the open sea of any European port.

The port has its own Port of Felixstowe Police, fire, and ambulance services.